Why Commuter Towns Such As Farnborough Are Going To Be More Desirable In The Wake Of Coronavirus?

Commuter towns are essentially residential areas, with little or no industrial or commercial activities. People in these towns mostly work in other cities, so they routinely commute to industrial centres or other business areas. As a comparison, suburbs are essentially extensions of main cities or urban areas, which may have their own business and industrial activities. Currently, people tend to live in urban centres or suburbs, but there are many reasons why commuter towns are becoming more desirable.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why commuter towns such as Farnborough are going to be more desirable in the wake of coronavirus?

Cheaper Housing- if you purchase a residential property in a commuter town, you typically get more bang for your buck. During the pandemic, business is slow, and you may want to save money. Regardless of the situation, homes in commuter towns are cheaper and they can be even less expensive during the current crisis. While properties all over the UK had seen an overall increase in price, commuter town housing prices have remained close to pre-COVID-19 prices. The average housing price in Farnborough is £330,000. Harrow that serves as London’s suburb has an average housing price of £500,000 and within London, it’s £900,000.

Tighter Community Atmosphere- the population of commuter towns in the UK is typically around 50,000. You will experience a tighter sense of community, because neighbours tend to interact more than in suburbs and large cities. Within weeks of moving to a commuter town, neighbours will say “Hi” as you walk down the street and you will be invited to community events. An environment with a stronger sense community is usually much more comfortable and safer. It’s perfect for raising a family. During the pandemic, members of the community can support one another.

Gentler Pace- when city dwellers move to a commuter town, peace and quiet are the most obvious things to experience. It’s very refreshing when you no longer hear the constant noise of traffic. Silence is soothing and it gives you peace of mind. You will get a completely new perspective on how to live in a commuter town.

Easy To Commute- people live in commuter towns because it is easy to commute to city centres. These towns are typically located near motorway junctions. They are also served by one or more railway stations, which provides direct route to the city centre. Some commuter towns, like Farnborough, even have airports that make it easy to reach different parts of the country.

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