Who Needs Concrete Coring?

Concrete forms the basis for many different aspects of homes and businesses. Typically, the parking lots or driveways of homes or businesses are made of concrete. Furthermore, concrete is often used as the foundation for many different types of homes and businesses. In fact, it is the most common type of material used to maintain the home’s foundation as well as the piling that keeps the home level.

Concrete piling is a vertical column lying underneath your home’s foundation and extends into the ground. Since the foundation is still otherwise susceptible to changes in the shifting ground, you have to install vertical columns as well. Whether you need to adjust your home’s foundation, to test the water table near your home, or drill through your driveway, you need concrete coring.


What Is Concrete Coring?

Concrete coring is the process of drilling into concrete and removing a column of concrete. The difference between coring and a standard rotary drilling procedure is the core’s presence at the end. When the company you hire pulls up the drill, a column of concrete will be present rather than just a hole.

Why would that be helpful?  Well, concrete coring is particularly useful for individuals who do not want the hole to be permanent. If you need to replace the missing piece of concrete, coring is preferable to standard drilling. You can hire a company to core your concrete, perform any necessary tasks, and then replace the concrete.

Furthermore, the specialists may need to reseal the concrete in place though it is up to the professionals to determine the best way to proceed. So, why would you need concrete that you can remove and then replace?

Testing the Water

If you have a business, you may need to test the water table for digging. Different ordinances may prohibit digging in certain conditions. Therefore, you should hire professionals to drill into the ground, achieve access to the water, and then test it. Also, it is often a good way to test the water before drilling a well. A well is a deep hole that requires a lot of drilling, so a much smaller coring process can save you some time if the water table near your home is not permissive for a well.

New Pilings

Depending on the circumstances, you may need to install new pilings for your home’s foundation. The building may require the posts as a result of changing conditions or even damage to an original piling. The process often requires digging into the existing concrete to replace it with a stronger piling.

Oftentimes, rebar is at the centre of the strongest pilings. The substance provides a flexible but strong support structure. Furthermore, you may need concrete coring because you are installing a structure other than a piling.

A home or business may need to drill into their property’s concrete for many reasons. You just need to determine what kind of drilling you need and if you need the core to remain intact.

Posted by Kelli