4 Factors That Will Always Negatively Impact Property Resale

A home can be renovated, a bathroom can be fixed, carpet replaced and walls repainted. A house can even be totally demolished and rebuilt. But there are some aspects of properties that make them more unappealing than any surface problem. Tim Manning claims that certain aspects of homes put buyers off more than any fixable problems. Here are some things that you should always look out for when considering whether to purchase a property. These aspects will always affect property value and cannot be changed with a lick of fresh paint or a few hundred dollars in renovations. Here are the biggest deterrents for buyers around the world:


  1. Gardens (or lack thereof)

One of the first things people look for in a home is a garden. If you purchase a home that doesn’t have a garden of has a very small or unusable backyard you’re alienating yourself from the majority of the market. Purchasing homes that have good size gardens put you in a better position for sale once the time to move comes around.

  1. Nearby vandalism or graffiti

No matter how nice a property is, if there’s vandalism in the neighbourhood almost all buyers are going to be put off. Vandalism is unsightly, threatening and just downright unpleasant for anyone to experience. The presence of any criminal activity in the vicinity of your potential home is going to negatively impact the resale of your home exponentially.

  1. Being located on the main road

Houses located on a main road are unappealing for a range of reasons. The first is that it’s likely to be extremely noisy. This can be a huge deterrent for many potential buyers, similar to living next to train tracks. It’s also difficult to navigate in and out of the home with a vehicle if the road you’re entering or exiting onto is incredibly busy. People don’t want to be stressed out every time they need to leave the house.

  1. Public Transport

If the property isn’t close to a bus, train or ferry stop, chances are it’s going to be unappealing to a lot of people. Many of us use public transport networks to commute to school or work. Without access to buses or trains many people who don’t drive or prefer not to drive will not consider the home. Those with children will also think twice, as it’s a big factor when considering schooling and other activities.

Posted by Kelli