10 Things You Need to do Before Buying the House of Your Dreams

LOS ANGELES –Buying the house of your dreams could be a little intimidating and exciting at the same time,it takes courage to take the first steps to accomplishing your dreams.Some new home buyers neglect crucial steps and end up paying twice as much in the long run. Here are the top 10 things new homeowners need to do before buying the house of your dreams in 2016.

1- Check the Neighborhood in the Daytime and Come Back at Night

The neighborhood could be nice and quiet in the daytime but it may be completely different at night. There have been many reports when the new homebuyers purchase a home and didn’t check it at night and it ended up being right next to Frat Party Houses. This could be a deal breaker.

2- Hire a Professional Home Inspector to Inspect Every Inch of the House 

Hiring a professional home inspector should be your #1 on your ‘to do’ list. Having your potential home professionally inspected is so important that if you don’t you could end up paying hundreds of thousands for unsuspected mold, water damage or broken pipelines.

3- Check if the Price is Right for You and Your Family, You Don’t Want to Commit to Something You Won’t be Happy With in the Long Run

Bills add up quick and having a house that’s too expensive is a bad thing from the beginning. Always think about the ‘rainy days’ and how you will be able to get extra income when times get hard.

4 – Inspect the Landscape Thoroughly for Sign Holes and Sewer Damage

Sewer damage is a serious problem that usually takes years to notice the first signs. It will usually start as a broken sewage pipeline and it will slowly leak on to the front or backyard. After it’s been leaking for a few months the sewage will start causing severe water damage or it will leak on to the yard and will cause serious feces and urine smell.

5 – Take a Look at the Neighbors the Neighbors Say A Lot About the Neighborhood

Take a look at the type of neighbors the neighborhood has, the last thing you want is to have a great home with neighbors that are extremely nosey or neighbors that call the cops every time you have a BBQ in your backyard.

6 –Check for Mold and Hidden Water Damage Between the Walls and Floorboards

Mold is also known as the silent killer, not only does it cause harm in humans it also severally damages your floorboards and your homes power joints.When mold first starts to grow it never stops, mold will destroy everything it touches.

7 –Is the Front and Backyard Big Enough for the Kids to Play In?

One of the biggest reasons many people purchase their first home is because their family is growing, the small apartment downtown isn’t enough for the growing family. When you go look at homes make sure the front and backyard are big enough for the kids and friends to run in.

8 – Is There Enough Room for the Dogs and Cats to Run Around In?

One thing families forget to check when looking for a new home is where will the dog run around in and where will the cat play. Dogs need to get their energy out just like kids do, with a big backyard the pets will have enough space to play all day.

9 –Is the Location Near an Airport, Shooting Range or Night Club?

Location plays a big part in purchasing a home, the last thing a buyer wants to do is think that they found the perfect home for a great price without knowing that LAX airport is half a mile away. The planes will be so loud that sleeping in peace will be impossible.

10 – Check the History of the Property in Depth by Doing This

Get a property history report. This is one of the most important things EVERY new homeowner should take into consideration. When purchasing a home or car we don’t really know the history and where it came from, how the property was treated, has it been salvaged? If the car or house has a rough background you’re the one who will end up paying more in the end. Luckily, there’s an online company that goes by the name “Local Records Office”. The pros at the company Local Records Office generate in depth property report for new homeowners. For a small fee of $89, these pros will put together a premium report that includes:

  • Crime report
  • Demographics
  • Paper copy of deed
  • Foreclosure activity
  • Property details
  • And much more

When I first found out about this company I thought,“this is the answer to the problems many homeowners have” this report tells you what the real estate agent didn’t tell you. To find more information about the pros at “Local Records Office” click here.

Posted by Kelli