The Best Housing Plan That Provides Easy And Affordable Residential Units

What are the pros of buying a Condo?

For people who are looking to get fast and accessible home ownership then condos would be great choice. This is because they often provide the benefits of a single family home without the hassle of regular maintenance. Plus there always the added advantages of pools, clubhouses’ and other recreational activities.


Not only this but the price of most condos is way less than single unit housing plans.  This means that a lot capital or initial investment might not be required to buy a condo. It provides an extremely affordable solution for people look to buy a residential living space.

Why is Time Space Condo a perfect choice for first time investors and retailers?

Thus, if you are among those customers who are looking for a condo in Toronto then the Time Space Condos are by far your best choice. Located at the 177 Front East Street in Toronto, these are developed by the Pemberton Group.  The Time Space Condos provide a great variety of options for first tome investors and Retailers.  There are retail condos and housing units. The highlight of the Time and Space Condos is the four residential towers. These towers are also in varying heights. They are 25, 27, 29 and 33 storeys high. There is also an inner courtyard that doubles as a privately owned Public Space. More over this housing project also has 10 storey podiums built on the residential towers. Each of these podiums has the advantage of a grade level retail.

AlpineCondo2.jpg (5000×2813)

Time Space Condos have the perfect Transit Score

The transit score refers to the ease and availability of the transport near the housing settlement. And as far as the Time Space Condos are concerned they have a full Transit score. According to the walk score website this housing project has scored 100 out of 100 when it comes to commutating options and top class public transport availability near the area which is beneficial for the people.

Expert housing advice from a professional

When it comes to real state housing and investments it could be a complicated task. A general lack of experience and insufficient market knowledge can result in bad choices. This is why Time Space Condos provide their retailers with expert advice on housing options in affordable rates in Toronto.

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