Make Your Home Un-Raid-Able By Rats

Rat infestations are the worst kind of pest infestations that you would want to experience. This is because rat infestations can go from bad to worse within the span of a day. Rat infestations are also dangerous since rats harbor many viruses and bacteria that spread illnesses. The best way to take care of rat infestations is by preventing them from ever happening.

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Cover gaps and holes

The gaps and holes in your walls act as an easy point of entry for rats to your home. This is because rats are small creatures and can easily squeeze through these narrow spaces. In order to block these entry points, you will need copper or steel wool.

Rats are notoriously known for chewing through anything that stands between them and a food source. They have really strong teeth. However, rats are unable to chew through steel and copper wool. This is because of the nature of steel and copper wool. When rats try to chew through steel and copper wool, it tends to get stuck in their teeth and prevent them from further chewing through.

Steel and Copper Wool are also capable of morphing into any shape, therefore, it makes them the perfect solution to cover narrow gaps or holes that have been occupied by wires or piping.

Baits and traps outside your home

Laying bait and trapping rats is one of the oldest yet efficient way of dealing with rats. Do not lay baits or traps inside your home as they are toxic and dangerous. Leaving baits and traps around your home instead will take care of the rats from entering your home.

However, traps serve as ancient ways of getting rid of rats. Be sure to check your traps for rats since a dead rat would make that trap unusable and the corpse of a rat will smell for ages. A common mistake committed by amateurs is that they often get mouse traps instead of rat traps. Mousetraps, however similar, are simply too small to catch rats.

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Do not leave food unattended

Food is one of the primary reasons rats raid your home. Cleaning up after your last meal will reduce the activity of rats. Be sure to not leave any food lying outside your home overnight. This includes the excess from cooking preparations, leftover pet food, and other organic trash. Be sure to get rid of your trash every night as it attracts rats.

Another way to safe-keep your food is by storing them in airtight containers. This will ensure that rats are unable to smell the food through airtight containers and thus, do not have a lead to your food.

Eco-friendly rat granules

 Eco-friendly rat granules are made using essential oils and are 100% natural. The essential oils used by these granules are derived from plants that have rat repelling properties.

Pesto rat granules

Pesto rat granules by MDX Concepts is the best form of passive protection against rats. The product is kid-safe and child-safe as it is non-toxic. Due to it being non-toxic it is also eco-friendly which means that you can place these granules in the pot of your home plants and it will deter rats away. Unlike other rat repelling granules, Pesto has a long one year life before you would need to switch. This means that you would not have to worry about rats for an entire year without doing anything.

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