List Of The Most Important Things To Consider When Buying A Condo

People don’t often think about small details ONLINE GUIDES when buying a condo and once they buy it they regret that they didn’t consider some things. Visit Olympic Village condos for more info. It is important to take into consideration if that is a good place for you. Here is a list of things you need to check before you sign the contract:


  1. Location (in the city, neighborhood) and location (the floor, is the environment good for you or your family, whether there are any buildings, pub / café or any workshop)
  2. Interior (if the space is perfectly arranged, no extra hallways, bedrooms are separated from the living room, dining room and kitchen)
  3. The orientation of the rooms (bedrooms to be facing north, and living rooms to be facing south)
  4. Entrance and hallways in the building (to have enough space and decent entrance and hallways)
  5. The height of place itself (should be over 2.60m).
  6. Materials (windows, flooring, electrical installation and plumbing, sanitary, tiles, doors, etc.). This will save you a lot of money when it comes to renovation of the place. Choose wisely.
  7. Quality of construction (quality of work for the installation of materials, whether windows and doors open / close properly, if the floor is well ordered and affixed if the everything is aligned properly, whether the toilets have appropriate installation, are the walls thick, whether sockets and switches are arranged in a line, and many other small things.) If you think that you are not competent to check that, make sure you take someone who understands these things with you.
  8. Insulation of the building (it should have a facade with a minimum 7cm polystyrene). Wonder why is this important? It will save you a lot of money on heating and cooling the place.
  9. Heating / cooling (if heating is solved and how, i.e. what is the annual cost of heating, and cooling is there a specific space for installation of air conditioners with condensate drain).
  10. Ventilation (as displayed, whether it is of sufficient capacity for verticals and the appropriate places).
  11. Garage / parking (if there is a sufficient number of parking spaces for all residents. Assuming that each apartment has 2 cars and the building should have an adequate parking for guests and other visitors in the area, whether in the garage or in front of the building).
  12. Neighborhood (educated, rich, poor…) Check who lives in the area. It is important to know your neighborhood.
  13. Is the place near all necessary facilities (shops, kindergartens, schools, restaurants…)?

These are some of the things you need to explore first before choosing a place to live. Make sure you bring someone with you because two heads think better than one. Take your family with you or someone you trust enough to tell you the truth.

Posted by Kelli