A Guide to Selling your Property

The home is a special place, and we spend many years making it just as we like, with some major improvements that have given the property a significant increase in value. Sooner or later, you will want to upgrade, or you might be looking to relocate for career reasons, and this means putting your home up for sale. While this might seem pretty straightforward, there are many homes on the market, and if you want a quick sale, be prepared to do a little renovation.

First Impressions Count

This is true with anything, especially real estate, and the exterior appearance of the property will determine whether the potential buyer takes it a step further. A repainting job wouldn’t cost a fortune, and if the driveway has seen better days, consider resurfacing, along with changing the garage doors and maybe the exterior gates and fencing. You can always add a portion of the cost onto the price of the house, and by spending a little, you will have a quick sale and nothing will delay the relocation. Make a habit of keeping the house tidy at all times, as you never know when a buyer might drop by, and regular garden maintenance will ensure they have a positive first impression.



Of course, as with any significant investment, there will be a degree of negotiation. Perhaps the new owner would like to retain some of the appliances or furniture, or they might ask you to drop the price a little, citing lack of capital. At the end of the day, only you can decide what is acceptable, but often a compromise would be reached, and both parties end up happy.

Legal Assistance

There is an awful lot of paperwork involved with selling land and property, and the best solution is to source an established conveyancing solicitor, who can take care of everything, including the purchase of your new home. They typically offer a range of services involving property and would be the ideal people to talk to if you wanted to rent out your property.

Planning the Move

The actual relocation is often a question of timing, and unless you are a first time buyer, there are others in the chain, which can make moving difficult. Once you have secured the new home and someone had made you an offer on your old property, contact your solicitor and the wheels can begin to turn. Moving house can be stressful at the best of times, which is why many people prefer to leave the entire operation to a removal company. They have the experience and the equipment to ensure that the contents of your home will be safely transported to the new dwelling.

Prepare the New Abode

A thorough spring clean is advised, even if the home has never been lived in, and take this opportunity to get rid of many old or unwanted items, which reduces the amount of stuff to transport. Make sure the utilities are turned on before you arrive, and with everything neatly packed in labelled boxes, moving in should be a breeze.


With a little legal assistance and some good fortune, selling your home is relatively easy, and you can look forward to a comfortable life in your new residence.

Posted by Kelli