How to Clean Split Air Conditioner

Wherever you live, your home is the safest place on earth for you and your family. And you want to make it safer for your kids and other family members. There are certain basic things associated with homes, such as the space to live and sleep; proper air ventilation; space for bathing and toilet; space to make food; storage space to secure your belongings. Then there are some elements that have become important for better living, Electricity, gas, sewerage lines and proper air conditioning are few of them. In fact, in hot climatic regions and crowded places filled with tall buildings, air conditioning has become a necessity.

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Air conditioners are available in different kinds and sizes. Split air conditioners, in this respect, have been quite popular because of better performance, coverage and minimal maintenance. There is too little to do when you need to clean your split ACs. In fact, good air conditioning and furnace repair services Calgary can offer you some tips to clean your splits without hiring a pro. Here are some handy tips from Distinct Hvac furnace repair service on how to clean your split ACs.

Buy a wash bag: custom bags are designed in a way that they can catch drainage water while you’re cleaning your split. You can buy them online if you wish to.

Buy a coil cleaner of good quality: don’t waste your money on foams because they create mess all over the place. Foam cleaners cannot penetrate into the coil or fan blades. Better option would be to use liquid sprays. At the same time, it is advisable to avoid chemical cleaners, because they may damage new air conditioners.

Safely place the wash bag around the split: While pros prefer to unscrew the system, you can avoid this by securing the wash bag properly onto the split a/c unit.

Spray the solution: According to the top furnace repair service Calgary, you should spray the chemical properly (angular position) onto the surface of the fins. Spray directly into the coils. The idea is to deliver the solution as far inside the coil as possible.

Spray the blades: rotary blades are hidden in the airflow’s outlet. In order to spray them properly, use a high-pressure spray nozzle which is far-reaching. Coat the rotary blades with the solution.

Wait for 20 minutes: to allow the cleaning solution to settle down and clean dust and impurities off the unit.

Flush the coil and blades: use water spray to remove dust particles off into the wash bag. Some of the water will be drained out through the pipe.

Wipe down: to remove water from the fan coil, you need to turn on the AC and lift up the bag’s open end. Air will rinse the water into the was bag.

Remove the bag: safely remove the bag from the ends and make sure that all the waste water is dumped carefully.

See the difference: after 10 to 15 minutes after turning on the a/c, you will see the difference in cooling.


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