Buying and Renting Excavators – The Benefits of Each Option

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So, now that you’re in a need of an excavator and you’re only left with two options – either to go with an excavator rental service or buy a brand new machine for your project. Well, the choice is entirely yours but both these options do have their own pros and cons.

At the start, you may be tempted to own such giant machines and have an immediate boost in your construction business. But an excavator is heavy equipment and likewise, it’s a hefty investment too. So, don’t make this choice as small. Try to do your homework, study the market, access your project, and make a well-informed decision.

With that being said, let’s now explore the benefit of both options:

Benefits of Buying Excavators

When you purchase an excavator you just own it and don’t have to pay any more hiring fees. In case you need an excavator quite often this may not be a feasible option to go with excavator rental consistently. The hiring price will go up like a rocket. In contrast, by buying you may have to pay high upfront costs but in the long run, you can actually pocket handsome savings.

Another plus is the freedom to use. They’re no more waiting lists as most excavator hire services are booked and you may have to wait for your turn. Similarly while operating a machine you’re already set and used to not only reduces the learning time but makes it perfect to jump in and start work.

When it comes to construction projects, reputation plays an important role while winning bids. A lot of clients have a preference for contractors or builders that have their own equipment and machines. In such situations owning an excavator will be a definite plus.

Benefits of Renting Excavators

In contrast, a lot of companies are relying on excavator rental services. That’s probably because of the uncertain market conditions and lesser future projects at hand. So, if your use of an excavator is sporadic, renting an excavator might be a better option. Excavator rentals are available for short-term agreements i.e. for a few days, a week, or several months.

Anyhow, with excavator rental you won’t have to pay for the extra storage and maintenance of the machine. Excavators are heavy machines and do require a lot of space for storage. However, with rental services you have no long-term commitment.

In rental services, the agencies do regular maintenance but even if the machine breaks down, you’re not liable to pay for the repair costs. They are liable to provide you with the excavator that is in fully working condition.

Renting an excavator can be a good option if you’re always after the latest and innovative technologies. Rental agencies do have harsh competition among themselves and they always use to have the latest equipment in their fleet to fight off the competition. This will make it easier for you to always put your hands on the latest and innovative technologies that are otherwise pricey investment.

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