Air Conditioners: Interesting features of best Air Conditioners in India

The time has come when everyone wants to enjoy the supercooling of air conditioners in hot summers, but there are many interesting facts about this great electrical appliance that no one knows about. The air conditioners have become very common as most people have them in their homes and workplaces but still, these amazing things are not known by everyone. Here is a list of few very interesting features about them for a better understanding about air conditioners.

  • Cooling capacity of an air conditioner

Most of the people who use the air conditioners have confused thoughts about the cooling capacity of an air conditioner even to this day. The air conditioners which are used at a residential property have cooling capacity from 1 ton to 5 tons. Now, most people get confused about it and think that it is the weight of an air conditioner but it is actually the cooling capacity. Many people do not but an air conditioner with high cooling capacity thinking that it will not fit in their required place such as houses and workplaces. This is very important to understand that it is not mentioning the size of an air conditioner and the cooling capacity is independent of size. You should not choose an air conditioner according to its size but always choose the one which is most efficient for you and fulfill the whole cooling requirement for your place and you have many options to choose from the list of best air conditioner in India in 2018.

  • Reduced spread of certain diseases

Most of the customers who buy an air conditioner thinks of it as only a cooling object to provide comfort in hot summers but in actual an air conditioner is much more than that. An air conditioner also has an amazing quality of preventing your surrounding from certain diseases. These are the diseases that are spread very rapidly and due to the hot climates as well as humid weather conditions. These are very harmful diseases and an air conditioner can save you from them. The air conditioner basically cools down the temperature and absorbs excess moisture from the environment and prevent you from these diseases. This amazing feature makes an air conditioner worth its cost even more. It is a win-win condition for all the users.

  • Large ice-slabs for cooling buildings

This is a very strange and unrealistic thing to hear about, but people actually did that in order to survive the hot summer climate. They use to harvest large ice-slabs from lakes and rivers during the winters for cooling buildings. But it is an old story that occurred before Carrier invented its first air conditioning system. It is also said that the crop of Hudson river could not suffice if the summers were hotter than they expected. It is a general but a very interesting fact about air conditioners and their history. It is important to understand how important they are and how they changed lives and made history.

  • The term “Air Conditioning”

As many people know that air conditioners were first invented by Willis Carrier, but very few people know that the term air conditioning was not found by him. This term was invented by another great engineer and inventor Stuart Cramer, who invented more than 60 creations and have them patent to his credit. Although, the creator of this great invention was someone else this amazing term which made history was given by Stuart Cramer, so it is very important to know about him too. Air conditioners are one of the most amazing creations of men and there are many more interesting facts about them and these are just a few.

Posted by Kelli