A Renowned Residential and Commercial Suburb in the Dubai Edge

Al Qusais can be a huge suburb in Dubai, that provides visitors and its residents a diverse selection of lifestyle and leisure services. Mostly occupied by Asian households, the project offers of excellent professional and residential functions.


Located in the north eastern fringe of the town, town boundaries the Emirates of Sharjah. Flanked by places for example Al Twar and Hor Al Anz, the suburb is found in the Deira district.


The fundamental features supplied by the city include cycling & jogging paths, gym, schools, pools, shops, sports & fun center, community center, play area for children, nurseries, day care center, and much more. Visitors and citizens can get exceptional medical services in the regional hospitals, including the names of NMC Family Clinic Zulekha Hospital, Aster Infirmary, and Al Deyafa Infirmary. Sports fans can go to the popular Ali Ahli Club for indulging in activities for example ping pong, handball, monitor activity, volleyball, baseball, and track cycling. For horsing lovers, there’s the Al Ahli Horseback Riding Club, that provides a number of exciting activities. There are two notable public areas, one can be found next to the Masjid Al Ansar Mosque, as well as the different stands close to the Elite Classic Hotel. These areas provide a large play area for children along with basketball courts. Guests and citizens of the growth can quickly travel toandfro using cab shuttle, as well as the Green Line city services.


The task is segregated into industrial and residential places.

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