6 Things You Need for Energy Efficient Home

As you go on to raise your standard of living, searching for smart and efficient homes, there is something www. Force Engineering.com quite instrumental you should understand. Energy, in all  Political Theme     its forms, is the basic need of our society and its preservation is most important for our future generations. This is where modern architects have taken giant strides in coming up with some amazingly simple and energy efficient housing designs.

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Having an intelligent house design is just half the part of the story. The other half rests in your hand. Your architect may give you the most amazing design but there is a lot of input you shall have to put in as well.

In this article, we shall see some amazingly simple yet effective solutions that will reduce the overall energy consumption in our house. Not only will it allow our future generations with more energy in fact it will also save you some valuable bucks.

If you visit Real American Dream Homes to have a look at the log homes in offer, ask for the following things as well:

  1. Insulation

According to green energy solutions, having insulation in our walls can save as much as 20% of your cost for maintaining the inside temperature in both hot and cold seasons. These insulation rolls aren’t too expensive so you should definitely go for this upgrade in your house.

  1. Low Flow Water Systems

These water systems may not seem to advantageous but you will be surprised to find out that they can reduce your water consumption to half. Since the water drops from a low height, you are expected to use maximum of it which ultimately saves water from wasting. Accommodate low flow showers in your house and feel he difference for yourself.

  1. Fluorescent Bulbs

You might be wondering how fluorescent bulbs benefit ahead of simple light bulbs as they are more expensive. However, fluorescent bulbs tend to last much longer than regular bulbs and can save you about $5 on annual basis. Also, these bulbs are much more energy efficient as compared to regular bulbs.

  1. Digital Thermostats

Thermostats are essential for log cabin homes, especially when you live in a cold environment. Programmable thermostats are a modern innovation that allows you to set your temperature ranges. These thermostats can save you approximately $150 per year thanks to their efficiency. They are also considered as far more accurate than normal thermostats. Initial cost may be high but the results are quite fruitful.

  1. Proper Air Seals

A good percentage of heat flow is carried through the leakages in windows and doors. If you allow the environment to enter your house when not needed, the inner temperature will rise automatically. Sealing and air blocking material is available at low costs and they can be quite fruitful in maintaining the inside temperature of your house.

  1. Ceiling Fans

It’s not always about buying expensive air conditioners. Ceiling fans can do a remarkable job in keeping the temperature moderate inside your house. Their air sweeping effect allows efficient circulation of wind inside the house so that you stay cool all the time. Ceiling fans are not too expensive and may be available for around $20 to $30

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